Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers to -85°C

Bench/Underbench -85 Freezers


Dual Cooling System Freezers for Critical Storage


Chest Freezers to -85


Upright Freezers to -85


Stirling Ultracold Energy Efficient Freezers


Ultra-Low Temperatures

Bioline Global’s selection creates storage environments as low as -85°C, to significantly reduce the risk of microbial or cross-contamination. In such an environment, the chances of morphological or genetic changes are greatly reduced, as well.

Temperature ranges start at -40°C; such a wide range enables you to choose a set point for the highest probability of sample viability. Pull-down time is less than three hours. The storage chamber allows for temperature uniformity, which ensures the integrity of all samples.

Critical Operations

Some of our ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers feature extra security measures. The Dual Cooling System Freezers, for instance, are designed for critical storage; should one cooling system fail, the other will continue to run and maintain at least -70°C, giving you adequate time to respond.  

Industry Applications


Storage of drugs, enzymes, chemicals, etc.

Medical and Biological Research

For viruses, bacteria, eukaryotic cells, cell preparations, tissue samples, etc.

Biomedical Engineering

Cell preparations, tissue samples and other biological materials

Efficient Insulation

Our ultra-low lab freezers are constructed with Vacuum Insulation Panels, an ultra-thin insulant with an extremely high thermal resistance — almost 20 times more effective than traditional insulation products. This creates an impermeable barrier between the internal and external environment, preventing gases and heat from entering the freezer and compromising the samples.

Optimum Storage

At Bioline Global, you will find an ultra-low laboratory freezer that meets your storage needs, ranging from economical underbench models to standing models for large-scale sample preservation.

Bench/Underbench Freezers

  • Storage volume ranges from 7L to 88L
  • Sample capacity ranges from 500 to 6000 2ml tubes

Chest Freezers

  • Storage volume ranges from 71L to 368L
  • Sample capacity ranges from 40 to 282 boxes (100-cell 2” boxes)

Stirling Ultracold Freezers

  • Storage volume ranges from 25L to 780L
  • Sample capacity ranges from 18 to 600 boxes (100-cell 2” boxes)

Dual Cooling System Freezers

  • Storage volume ranges from 381L to 815L
  • Sample capacity ranges from 25200 to 58800 2ml tubes

Upright Freezers

  • Storage volume ranges from 398L to 1008L
  • Sample capacity ranges from 300 to 700 boxes (100-cell 2” boxes)

In addition, all chambers and their storage racks are designed to allow ease of access, especially for frequently-used samples.

Energy Efficiency

Bioline models consume a minimum amount of energy, despite maintaining low-temperature environments. These ultra-low temperature freezers not only keep energy expenditures to a minimum, but they also reduce the laboratory’s energy footprint and contribute to your sustainability practises.

Units operate from 100 to 240VAC.

Ease of Use

All units are designed for ease of use:

Quiet Operation

No low humming sounds to distract the laboratory staff.

Intuitive Controllers

Models have easy-to-understand controllers that enable researchers to quickly store, document or retrieve samples.


Full alarms that can be set to alert laboratory staff of critical situations, especially when temperatures become too high or too low.

Single-Compressor Technology

Units run on a single compressor to increase energy efficiency, decrease operation noise and maintain temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.

Frost Prevention

The doors of the units are properly insulated to reduce the build-up of frost, which prevents doors from closing properly and allows heat to enter the chamber.

The freezers also come with accessories that enhance your storage capabilities. These include:

  • Inventory systems (options include racking for 50mm, 75mm, 2” or 3” boxes)
  • Storage boxes
  • Wire shelves
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • Chart recorders
  • GSM Modules
  • External temperature monitoring

Custom racking systems are available for our Stirling Ultracold Freezer Units.


Bioline freezers’ robust design and tough materials for a long service life. The models resist chipping and rusting and resist wear-and-tear in a busy, high-foot traffic laboratory. If properly maintained, the service life of these models extends to 15 years.

As leading ultra-low temperature freezer manufacturers, we provide advice on preventative maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What refrigerant is used?

Our freezers typically use hydrocarbon refrigerants, which are more efficient than their HCFC counterparts. Reach out to us for more details.

Is there a warranty?

Depending on the model, our units carry a warranty of up to 5 years. Bioline Global products deliver optimum performance, giving you peace of mind.

How do I make a purchase?

When you’ve decided on an ultra-low freezer model, click ‘Get a Quote’ on the product page. You will receive a notification about your enquiry. Our representative will also contact you promptly.

When you need further information about a freezer model, please get in touch with us.

Get in Touch

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