Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Bioline has a range of lab temperature monitoring solutions suited to single or real time monitoring.

The importance of real time monitoring and alerts is of the upmost importance in laboratory and experimental environments as well as food distribution and storage, or any environment that requires stringent temperature control. A change in environment such as lighting or temperature can jeopardise the required outcome which is why reliable temperature monitoring is crucial. Bioline has a range of lab temperature monitoring solutions suited to single or real time monitoring.

Data Loggers

We carry a variety of data loggers for industry-specific applications such as monitoring the transport of time and temperature sensitive materials and cold chain management.

  • FlashLink® CT -80°C Data Loggers - ideal for dry ice shipments. This data logger is compact and single-use.
  • Vaccine USB Data Logger - provides accurate readings, sampling intervals and programmable alarms. This device also offers USB connection for quick and easy downloading of temperature data.
  • Cold Chain USB In-Transit Logger - ideal for export shipments. This logger tracks product temperature from the packing shed all the way to the final destination.
  • Mini Universal Seafood Logger - monitors temperature of seafood products during handling, shipping and storage.
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Temp Data Logger or Humidity Data Logger - ideal for couriers and delivery routes. This wireless logger provides temperature and location when perishable products are transported in refrigerated trucks, vans and containers.
  • CT -80°C Dry Ice Data Logger - ideal for dry ice shipments. Its patented Shadow Log guarantees data even if operators forget to start the logger.


Bioline’s range of food thermometers are ideal for commercial dishwashers. They can quickly verify and quantify the final rinse temperature in professional glass washers, helping control energy use for hot water generation.

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