Pharmacy, Laboratory and Medical Refrigerators

Bioline offers a wide range of laboratory refrigeration units

Bioline offers a wide range of laboratory refrigeration units that are energy efficient and most of all reliable They maintain a consistent temperature regardless of external factors. Bioline compliments our range of Australian manufactured refrigeration units with imported laboratory refrigerators from recognised global leaders including Stirling Ultracold as well as ATEX approved GRAM units from Denmark. Having provided laboratory and medical refrigerators and freezers for more than 30 years Bioline has the right fridge system for your medical and laboratory needs.

Browse through our selection to find the optimal fridge system for your laboratory or medical facility. If the fridge or freezer is not listed, please contact us as we will have a solution.

Freezers to - 45/-60°C

Static feeezers to -45/-60degC. Available in single or double door, chest or upright style.

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Military Portable Refrigeration

Available in sizes up to 60 litre capacity with optional built-in battery operation. Manufactured in Australia

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Brands We Offer at Bioline

Stirling Ultracold

Stirling Ultracold's laboratory freezers offer the lowest energy use, heat rejection and operating costs. Their new generation of eco-friendly and ultra low temperature storage solutions are sold to life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, academic, non-profit organisations and clinical research customers all around the world.


Arctiko's chest freezers offer some of the best solutions in the ultra low temperature market. With a focus on simplicity, they strive to design solutions that are easy to use and equipped with all the necessary features. Their single compressor cooling systems are patented worldwide and ensure easy maintenance, low energy consumption, less heat dissipation and noise reduction.


Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Gram's fridges, be it for vaccine or pharmaceutical applications, are one of the world's most high-performance refrigerators and freezer equipment. They are widely used for life science applications in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and commercial industries.


Aside from global brands, we also manufacture our own range of fridges for pharmacies and laboratories. Our in-house team of experts continually work with our customers to develop cost-efficient solutions for their specific needs. This collaboration comes from our extensive knowledge and commitment to ensuring our products work for each and every customer.

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As trusted suppliers of laboratory freezers, Bioline is the top choice of laboratory managers and technical officers in Australia. We are privileged to have strong business partnerships with innovative brands in the country and around the globe.

For more information and enquiries about our fridges, call us on +61 2 46660010 or send an email to [email protected].

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