Laboratory Consumables

With 30 years’ experience of designing solutions for scientific laboratories and sterile environments, Bioline understand the pieces that make it all work together. Bioline manufacture a range of lab consumables including inventory storage racks, freezer boxes, tube racks and support our autoclave and water purification.

Your Ultimate Inventory Storage Solutions

Bioline Global manufactures a complete range of freezer inventory systems and storage boxes. Made in Australia, the storage racks and boxes keep samples safe and well organised.

Get in Touch with Bioline Today

As trusted suppliers of laboratory consumables, Bioline is the number one choice of laboratory managers and technical officers in Australia. For more information and enquiries about our storage boxes and inventory racks, call us on +61 2 46660010 or send an email to [email protected].

At Bioline Global, We Strive To Deliver The Best Standards

Whether it’s supplying the right equipment of the highest quality or offering expert advice on products
or total solutions, being the best at what we do is where we set the benchmark.

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