Freezer Inventory Systems

At Bioline, we supply high quality inventory systems for medical freezers in Australia. Browse through the page for their specifications.

In your laboratory or medical facility, you have specimens and samples that require careful storage at all times. Designed to organise your laboratory freezer’s inventory, the Biostore™ modular cryo storage systems make it easy to keep track of biological samples and specimens while eliminating dead space and optimising internal freezer capacity. Whether you are storing samples in chest freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers or upright low temperature laboratory freezers, our cryo storage systems will complete your cold storage inventory management.

The Bioline cryo storage systems fit all standard types of freezers. They’re constructed of high quality, corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel to avoid warping and withstand extreme temperatures.

Features and Benefits of the Biostore™ Modular Cryo Storage Systems: 

  • Optional colour-coded drawer-pull tabs assist in quick storage and location of samples in lab freezers
  • Slide out shelves
  • All drawers are self-supported for easy access to stored boxes
  • For greater storage flexibility in vaccine freezers
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Modules are welded together together to provide several drawers per unit, providing solutions to common storage problems in medical freezers and laboratory refrigerators.

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As trusted suppliers of high quality inventory systems for laboratory and pharmaceutical freezers, Bioline is the top choice of industry professionals across Australia. With over 35 years of providing specialised equipment, we have the experience and expertise to offer solutions that produce the best results.

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