Stirling Ultracold Energy Efficient Freezers

Stirling Ultracold Energy Efficient Freezers

Superior stirling engine technology and performance you can trust to protect your precious biological samples. Three sizes from 25 litres to 780 litres.


  Stirling Ultracold USA, manufacturer a range of energy efficient low temperature freezers based on the ‘Stirling’ principle.

The Stirling principle does away with standard compressors, are quiet, reject less heat and do not require oil in the system.

Available in three sizes from a portable 25 litre unit, 100 litre underbench and a large 780 litre storage unit.

The ULT25 Shuttle will also operate off a DC power supply making it useful for transport. All units will operate from 100 to 240VAC.

The SU780XLE has the smallest foorprint and will accomodate up to 60,000 samples.


Part #Capacity
Sample Capacity
(2″ Boxes/100cell)
Ext Dims
ULT252518 Boxes692x350x460240250
SU105E10572 Boxes686x711x864240300
SU780XLE780600 Boxes915x870x19942401200


  • Inventory racking to suit 2″ or 3″ boxes
  • Custom racking available
  • Chart recorder
  • Temperature monitoring system


Part #Product DatasheetTechnical Datasheet

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