Chest Freezers to -85

Chest Freezers to -85

Chest freezers to -85degC with full processor control and alarms. Sizes from 71 litres to 368 litres.

Arctiko’s range of minus 80 freezers are produced with single compressor technology with microprocessor control of all parameters.

Features including:

  • VIP Insulation
  • Full alarms for high/low temperature, door alarms, remote alarm contact
  • Sizes from 371 to 368 liters
  • Energy efficient
  • Single compressor technology


Part #Capacity
Sample Capacity
(2″ Boxes/100cell)
Ext Dims
DAI 02007140 Boxes552x641x850240366
DAI 0213189117 Boxes920x691x890240353
DAI 0205284216 Boxes1262x691x890240466
DAI 0210368282 Boxes1562x691x890240490


  • Inventory Racking for 50mm and 75mm boxes
  • External temp monitoring


Part #Product BrochureDrawing
DAI 0200
DAI 0213
DAI 0205
DAI 0210

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