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When it comes to laboratory testing, reducing the amount of contaminents, or possibility of contamination is key to obtaining and ensuring optimal testing conditions. That is why it is essential that your water purification system is of the highest quality, especially when they are feeding systems such as clinical analysers.

Analysers use measurement technologies such as photometric and colorimetric testing, ion-selective potentiometry, and latex agglutination to analyse samples such as blood serum, plasma and urine. Therefore, given the organic nature of the testing material, it is vital the water system supporting the analyser does its job by ensuring it removes any particles that could pose problems with the testing or equipment used in the testing.

The Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has proposed water quality recommendations, discussed in the C3-A4 guideline “Preparation and testing of reagent water in the clinical laboratory”.

In it, the following contaminants are discussed:

  • Particles should be removed to avoid clogging the needles and manifolds of the analyser
  • The organic content, referred to as Total Organic Content (TOC) should be controlled and organic load reduced for optimum performance of the assays and the analyser
  • Ions should be removed as several assays include measurement of the ions in the blood, because many assays require defined concentrations of ions to run efficiently
  • Bacteria level should be reduced as much as possible, because bacteria can be a source of interaction in various assays, including folic acid, calcium assay and immunoassays.

The Stakpure OmniaTap system is the ideal apparatus for your laboratory when you need readily-accessible pure water and ultrapure water. With a reliable supply of ASTM types l + ll from an internal 10 litre tank, you will be sure to have the required pure and ultrapure water when you need it.

With the OptiFill dispenser supplied as standard, you will be able to operate one-handedly, from various angles and heights as it is height adjustable and can be turned for ease of use. Also, the flexible dispensing and monitoring unit enables convenient and precise filling of laboratory vessels.

Aside from its usability, the unit is compact and can be set-up on a bench, or placed in under-bench cabinet until needed, leaving the bench free for other work.

To find out which model is suitable for your laboratory and its type of work, please feel free to contact Bioline Global on 1800 210 805, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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