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Is your Laboratory Refrigeration Certified as Spark Free?

There are many laboratory Fridges and Freezers on the market these days stating that they are ‘Spark Free’. Are they or is this just an assumption from the manufacturer.

If there is an issue, will your insurance cover it or not?

Gram-Bioline, a Danish manufacturer, produce a full range of Laboratory Fridges and Freezers that not only incorporate advanced control features like Smart Defrost, are energy efficient, use natural refrigerants but are also ATEX certified by TUV.

Why should ATEX compliance be important to you?

  • Personal and Environmental Safety
  • Better workflows, given the ability to safely place cabinets in work environments
  • Certified to comply with EN/IEC60079-15, Category 3, Zone 2.

Category 3 – Equipment in this category is intended for use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours, mists or air/dust mixtures are unlikely to occur or, if they do occur, are likely to do so only infrequently and for a short period only.

Zone 2 – A place in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of dangerous substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.

Don’t risk your lab safety. Contact Bioline Global 02 46660010 or online enquiry form.

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