Choosing the Right Laboratory Incubator

With so many uses for laboratory incubators, it’s important to choose one that will suit your specific application and laboratory specifications.

Bioline Global has a range of the laboratory supplies Australia needs including laboratory incubators, ovens, centrifuges, and refrigerated chillers.

But to understand which product is right for you, check out this blog and let us know if you have any lingering questions afterwards.

Types of Incubators

First, it’s important to understand the functions of various incubators before deciding which one suits you.

Drying oven incubators can create internal temperatures between 10 and 200 °C to dry, bake, or cultivate bacteria or microbes.

CO2 incubators allow the user to expose the test subject to various volumes of CO2 which can be useful to recreate various natural habitats.

Shaker incubators can be used to swirl or vibrate a solution or subject, providing an even exposure to the same motion. This can be useful in the process of cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies.

Illuminated incubators are also useful in recreating natural habitats and allows researchers to restrict and monitor the amount of light that a test subject is exposed to.

Understanding Your Laboratory

Now that you’re aware of the types of incubators, it’s time to picture the equipment within your space.

First, consider how large you need your incubator to be. Will you be incubating multiple samples? Large samples? Do you need multiple shelves to accommodate or differentiate your work?

Bioline Global sells incubators and ovens ranging from 30 to 400 litres in volume which should cater to anyone from hobbyist researchers to full-scale professionals.

You should also consider how much spare room you have in your laboratory and how accessible a single-door incubator will be in your desired space.

You should also think about whether the incubator will sit on the floor, on a shelf, on your desk or someplace else. These will all help you in choosing the right incubator for your laboratory.

Extra Features

Incubators can be quite complex machines if you need them to be.

They can come with humidity controls, temperature controls, adjustable airflow, and a range of monitoring devices.

If any of these functions are important to your work then make sure to enquire about them when you are making your purchase.

The sensitivity of these controls may also affect your choice of incubator as some samples will be highly sensitive to changes in their environment. When you’re testing for changes in bacteria between temperatures to the nth degree, no test can afford to be ruined by an incubator that gives inaccurate temperature readings.

The Best Laboratory Supplies in Australia

Bioline Global strives to provide high quality equipment that works consistently in the high demand settings of your lab. If you’re able to achieve your desired results with speed, efficiency and accuracy then we can safely say our job is done.

But we go one step further. Get in contact with us to learn how to optimise your lab equipment and get the best from each knob and dial. You’ll find all essential laboratory equipment, including a diverse range of sizes, in one place – our convenient online store.

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