Cartridges to suit MilliQ Advantage A10/Reference

Cartridges to suit MilliQ Advantage A10/Reference

Purification cartridges are tailored to the feedwater source. This optimises the performance of the downstream purification media and ensures consistent results

Duo S PAK cartridges are filled with media composed of ion exchange resins and activated carbon to remove
specific types of water contaminates. These cartridges are designed for the Synergy and Simplicity systems
and meet manufacturer’s specifications.


Part NumberMillipore Part NumberDescription
RR800Q101QGARDT1X1RephiDuo U Pack 1 Replace Q-Gard 1
RR800Q201QGARDT2X1RephiDuo U Pack 2 Replace Q-Gard 2
M1001MTIXQTUM0TIX1RephiSolo U Pack TIX Replace Quantum TIX
M1001MTEXQTUM0TEX1RephiSolo U Pack TEX Replace Quantum TEX
265021701ZMQUVLP01UV lamp 185/254 nm Replace Millipore ZMQUVLP01
RAA10UVM1ZFA10UVM1A10 TOC UV lamp Replace Millipore ZFA10UVM1
RAFFC0250MPGP040010.2 µm PES High Flux Capsule Filter Replace Millipore Millipak
RAFFB0201CDUFBI001Rephibio Filter Replace Biopak
RASP00401ZF3000401Recirculation Pump Replace Millipore ZF3000401


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