Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring – The Latest Developments In Laboratory Equipment

Keeping the inside of laboratory refrigerators and freezers within a safe temperature range maintains the integrity of research stored in the cabinet. The correct environmental conditions at the right temperature is particularly important for temperature sensitive material such as vaccines, biological, food products, or medications.

As continuous monitoring by laboratory staff can be onerous, advancements in laboratory equipment have seen the development of wireless technology which can reliably be used around the clock to monitor inside temperatures of refrigerators or freezers to crucially notice any changes.

Wireless Refrigerator Monitors (WRM) continuously document time and temperatures using Wi-Fi and cellular communication. The technology collects and transmits data to a cloud-based application, even during power outages. It works simply by placing a wireless monitor inside the cabinet that is independent of cables and large software usually required for temperature monitoring systems, and is built with an alarm system to alert if there are any changes and irregularities in temperature.

Data collected is accessible in real-time, 24/7, making it possible to rectify any temperature changes in your laboratory refrigerator remotely, anywhere in the world, as they occur.

Stay Connected With Wireless Technology

WRM is not only an essential system to maintain the quality, efficacy, and safety of products stored in your facility’s refrigerators and freezers. It can also be a valuable tool for maintaining continuity of business even following a power outage.

During a power outage, the WRM is designed to continue to collect data using its Wi-Fi and cellular capability that is independent from other external servers in your laboratory. The secure web application allows users to remotely configure the WRM unit with logging parameters to immediately correct when excursions occur. This can mean the difference between saving or destroying research samples that are stored at your facility.

And not only does it offer peace of mind to researchers to safeguard research specimens and materials, it also allows researchers to effortlessly obtain detailed records of equipment performance using data export systems and analytics without the hassle of extra paperwork. The system’s ability to document and export records ensures your laboratory equipment is compliant and adhering to regulatory standards.

The FlashTrak Wireless Refrigerator Monitor

Bioline Global offers the latest WRM model 22129. It is built with an external blunt tip temperature probe sensor that operates over the range -40°C to 85°C and a glycol buffered probe sensor*, which can detect temperature ranges between -40°C to 40°C and has the ability to emulate the condition of biological material inside the cabinet, such as vaccines or fluids. Both probes are fitted with one or three metres of cable so the probes can be placed inside the compartment for accurate temperature readings.

The 24/7 remote monitoring system has a 915 MHz wireless transmitter or wireless Wi-Fi that directly reports to a web browser and can be accessed by any internet-ready device using a centralised cloud-based administration system. The system provides automated notification even during power outages with a designed 30-hour power back up battery that continues uninterrupted data transmission.

The FlashTrak WRM has the following features:

* Two channel logging capability

* Uninterrupted data transmission during power outages

* Secure password protected PDF reports – analytics and queries can be exported

* Audit trail to document regulatory compliance

* LCD display screen

* Backup battery of 30 hours

* Certification with regulatory standards including FCC, Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) for environmental safety, CE Mark for consumer safety and RoHS compliance

* FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant cloud-based administration system for data collection and analysis

* Audio buzzer alarm

* 868 ISM Band available by special order

* 12 month warranty – extended warranty available

* Polyethylene terephthalate copolymer that is GRAS classified (Generally Recognised As Safe)

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