The Equipment Every Laboratory Should Have

7 Pieces of Equipment Every Laboratory Needs

When working in a laboratory, it’s important to never be caught short when it comes to your equipment. The laboratory supplies Australian labs need are wide ranging but there are seven pieces of equipment that every laboratory should have in common. These pieces of equipment cover most laboratory functions and help ensure the smooth running of tests and experiments. However, the manufacturing and quality of laboratory equipment is important, which is why the trusted brands and Australian-based manufacturing available here at Bioline Global matters.

In this blog we will give a brief overview of the seven most essential pieces of laboratory equipment along with what we offer within our product range.

Laboratory Centrifuges

A centrifuge is used to separate particles within a solution. The spinning mechanism uses gravitational force to cause higher density particles to less, while less dense particles float to the top of the solution. A centrifuge is used for a wide variety of samples common in a laboratory environment, such as blood, DNA and RNA.

Our SpinFuge Centrifuge is manufactured right here in Australia in accordance with exacting Australian standards. This bench-top centrifuge suits 2 x pcr strip tubes and 0.2ml, 0.5ml and 1.5/2.0ml tubes and has the advantage of interchangeable rotors that function without the need for tools.

Laboratory Incubators/Ovens

Incubators and ovens are incredibly important to researchers in a label setting. In particular, CO2 incubators are used to provide the ideal growth environment for cells. Incubators must be highly reliable and stable in order to protect these fragile cells for months, even years, and avoid the possibility of contamination due to mechanical failure.

Our touch-screen CO2 Incubators provide secure air jacket heating, moist heat sterilisation and quick temperature recovery so you can feel confident that your cell cultures are stable.

Additionally, our High Performing Incubators provide the highest level of reliability and stability for sensitive materials, along with a wide temperature range of absolute precision.

Laboratory Orbital Shakers

Orbital shakers are used for mixing and developing cultures, assays, chemicals and other solvents. The shaking mechanism must be precise to avoid over-mixing, damage to your materials and spills.

Our Orbital Shaker is suitable for small to large units and built to work reliably with many different platforms.

Laboratory Shaker Incubators

Shaker incubators combine incubator and shaker functions to maintain precise conditions for microbes and DNA.

At Bioline we have small bench Shaker Incubators through to large free-standing shaker incubator models to suit every application.

Laboratory Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps squeeze out liquids with the compression force required to introduce fluids without risk of contamination. This makes them essential for all laboratory environments but especially in research, biological and chemical labs.

Bioline Global offer a range of peristaltic pumps to cover flow rates up to 13L/min in either continuous or dispensing systems.

Laboratory Refrigerated Chillers

Refrigerated chillers remove heat from samples and are used mainly for the preservation of materials prior to research or clinical analysis. Chillers resemble regular fridges but differ in the range of temperatures and the high degree of reliability.

At Bioline we have bench top and portable chillers to provide reliable cooling in event ambient temperatures as high as 30 degrees. Among their many advantages, our chillers have self-cleaning filters and large, full colour touchscreen displays.

Laboratory Water Baths/Circulators

A laboratory water bath is used to gently heat samples in the lab without any exposure to an open flame or conditions that might cause combustion or sample damage.

Our Dual Refrigerated/Heated Water Baths are popular in laboratories all across Australia, while our standard Laboratory Water Bath is the benchmark in precision.

Only the Best Laboratory Supplies in Australia

At Bioline Global, we can help ensure your laboratory supplies are up-to-date and working with precision. You will find all essential laboratory equipment, including a diverse range of sizes, in one place – our convenient online store.

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