Spotlight on Company Founder Tony Paulsen

Tony Paulsen founded Bioline Global in 2013 following over 30 years in the medical devices and equipment industry. This extensive knowledge and experience has driven the Bioline Global mission to manufacture and deliver world class laboratory and testing equipment sourced from the best suppliers worldwide.

Working closely with research facilities and lab managers for the past three decades, Tony has a thorough understanding of laboratory environments. This has led Bioline Global to deliver high quality devices and instruments that will satisfy clients’ quality standards and technological demands.

In addition, his years of working closely with his clients has enabled Tony to provide and advisory service and the ability to design and build custom solutions based on their needs.

If you are in the process of upgrading or establishing a laboratory or research facilities, speak to Tony on 1800 210 805 for advice on best practice and how Bioline Global may be able to assist you.

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