LED Plant Growth Lighting

Save 70% on electricity costs with LED Plant Growth Lighting

Bioline is pleased to announce a partnering with LumiGrow in the US. LumiGrow manufacturers class leading LED grow lights for glass house lighting and almost any other horticultural application. Now you can have great LED lights for your plants, as well as great customer service and local support & warrranty.

Grow More, Save More with
LumiGrow LED Lighting

Save up to 70% on electricity costs – LED Lighting with 100% usable Spectrum.

Say goodbye to heat, and declining PAR output from conventional fluro or HID Lighting Fixtures.

  • Direct Replacement of existing fixtures or new installation
  • Choose from LumiBar LED Strip light or LumiGro Pro Series
  • Boost crop yeild and research projects with high density PAR output
  • Fully Adjustable Red, Blue, and White intensity

Replace a 1000w HID with a 325w LumiGrow Pro = Better Growth, Less Energy

  • 70% Less Heat
  • 70% Less power
  • Fully adjustable Red, White, Blue Color spectrum
  • 100% Useable Light Output
  • 5 Year Warranty

Lumigrow Pro 325 LED Lighting Fixture

Well-designed lighting systems boost yield and quality. But ordinary lights cost so much to operate that they erode profits. Energy-efficient LumiGrow solutions enable growers to achieve the advantages of supplemental lighting without high operating costs. That’s why LumiGrow is the considered choice of expert growers around the globe.


How it Works

The Pro series equips growers with LED lights that output more red and blue in the essential PAR range than the industry’s most powerful conventional lighting systems, including any high-intensity discharge (HID) fixture. Peerless in the industry, the Pro 650 light delivers 2X the red and blue PAR of a 1000 Watt HID light while it consumes 40% less energy. The Pro 325 provides red and blue PAR equivalent to that of a 1000 Watt HID light while it reduces energy consumption by a whopping 70%.

For more information on how you can start saving now call 1800 210 805 or email [email protected]


Maximise your growing capacity

New LumiBar LED Lighting bars and Customised Plant Growing Racks

  • Increase use of floor space in your existing platn growth room
  • Convert an unused room or building
  • Huge energy savings with LED lighting
  • IP67 Rated light fittings
  • Modular system will improve your growing capacity

Bioline Global is able to assist you with plant growth room planing including our customisable modular racking system that can be setup to provide flexible and efficient plant growth area with maximum use of room space. Why not call us and get a free quote or book a consultation with one of our plant growth specialists.

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