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Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

OmniaLab-ED-1MB Omnia-Filterwechsel-1MB

OmniLab ED 40 RO and UP Water System

Model # 18700040

OmniaLabED is the system of choice when the complete laboratory pure water and ultrapure water requirements are to be fulfilled. The system complies with international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696 and CLSI. The economy of it is maximized by the inclusion of a continuously self-regenerating electrodeionizer, without having to give any demanding analytical applications a pass. Further to this, each OmniaLabED-system holds 100 litres of pure water type ASTM II ready for withdrawal in a storage tank that is equipped with quality recirculation. OmniaLabED is exactly right as pure water supplier to autoclaves and laboratory washing machines. Features - 40 l/hr RO performance - OptiFill dispenser is standard - Continuous residual salts removal by electro-deionization - 100 litre storage tank with recirculation and pressure outlet - Tank volume display in percent - Tank volume can be modularly increased - Simple, cost-effective filter replacement - Leakage sensor is standard

Additional Information

511x575x1520(with Optifill dispenser)
Potable Water, Drinking Water
40L/hr RO, up to 2L/min Type I
Stakpure Germany
100 litre tank
90-240V AC(Single Phase)
12 months