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Lab Water Filter Cartridges

BioFlow Water Filtration Cartridge (eqv. to PR0G0NP01)

Model #PR0G0NP01

(Progard 1 Short) Eqv Millipore(Pr0G0Np01)


Millipore replacement water Cartridges

These cartridges and spares have been sourced and tested by Bioline Global Pty Ltd. We highly recommend them as a replacement suitable for Millipore water systems.

Millipore cartridges can be expensive and to assist labs with reducing their running costs Bioline has worked with Rephile Biosciences to develop a range of replacement cartridges that suit millipore water systems. 

Our range includes cartridges to suit most millipore water systems. Just search for the Millipore product code on our site and you should find what you are looking for. If not give us a call and we will do our best to assist you.

Call now to speak to one of our friendly team! 1800 210 805 Bioline - Simply Exceptional.

*Please note: These are not genuine Millipore parts but alternatives that we promise will perform just as well as the genuine part.

Millipore Cartridge Alternative...

Millipore has been supplying the research industry for many years with quality water systems. Consumables for these millipore water systems can be expensive and/or hard to come by. Thats why Bioline Global Pty Ltd believes that you will be interested in our millipore replacement cartridges. These Cartridges suit millipore water systems and function exactly as would a millipore replacement. Just the price is better! With our millipore alternative you can be assured that your water system is functioning at peak performance and your budget is comfortable.

Millipore Spare Parts Alternative...

Why pay full price for your millipore replacement parts? Bioline Global Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive range of replacement parts for millipore water systems. Contact us to find out more...1800 210 805!

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