Cartridges to suit Elix Advantage

Cartridges to suit Elix Advantage

Purification cartridges are tailored to the feedwater source. This optimises the performance of the downstream purification media and ensures consistent results

We have a vast range of Millipore replacement products and Stakpure filters.

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Part NumberMillipore Part NumberDescription
RR800CP01PR0G0T0S2RephiDuo P Pack S2 Replace Progard S2
265010601ZLXUVLP01UV Lamp 254 nm Replace Millipore ZLXUVLP01
265011001ZLXUVLPL1UV lamp 254 nm Replace Millipore ZLXUVLPL1
RATANKVN1TANKMPK01Tank Vent Filter with CO2 Remover Replace Millipore TANKMPK01
RAFFC0250MPGP040010.2µm PES High Flux Capsule Filter Replace Millipore Millipore
RAFFB0201CDUFBI001Rephibio Filter Replace Biopak
RAR000201CDRC00201RO Membrane Replace Millipore CDRC00201
RAR060201CDRC60201RO Membrane Replace Millipore CDRC60201
RAR060202CDRC60202RO Membranes Replace Millipore CDRC60202
RAR075202CDRC75202RO Membranes Replace Millipore CDRC75202
W3T101571ZLX0EDI03LPX03 CEDI Replacement Module Replace Millipore ZLX0EDI03
W3T101572ZLX0EDI05LPX05 CEDI Replacement Module Replace Millipore ZLX0EDI05
W3T101573ZLX0EDI10LPX10 CEDI Replacement Module Replace Millipore ZLX0EDI10
W3T262701ZLX0EDI15LPX15 CEDI Replacement Module Replace Millipore ZLX0EDI15
RAPF05380FTPF05380Tank Level Sensor 30L Replace Millipore FTPF05380
RAPF05381FTPF05381Tank Level Sensor 30L Replace Millipore FTPF05381
RAPF06805FTPF06805Tank Level Sensor 30L Replace Millipore FTPF06805
RASP00431ZF3000431RO Booster Pump Replace Millipore ZF3000431


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