Cartridges to suit Direct Q

Cartridges to suit Direct Q

Purification cartridges are tailored to the feedwater source. This optimises the performance of the downstream purification media and ensures consistent results

We have a vast range of Millipore replacement products and Stakpure filters.

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Part NumberMillipore Part NumberDescription
RR400CP01PR0G00002RephiDuo P Pack 2 Replace Progard 2
RRQTUM0IXQTUM000IXRephiSolo U Pack IX Replace Quantum IX
RRQTUM0EXQTUM000EXRephiSolo U Pack EX Replace Quantum EX
RRQTUMFIXQTUMMPEIXRephiSolo U Pack IX with 0.2µm final filter Replace Quantum IX Kit
RRQTUMFEXQTUMMPEEXRephiSolo U Pack EX with 0.2µm final filter Replace Quantum EX Kit
RRSPR00A1SPR00SIA1RephiDuo S Pack Replace SMARTPAK DQ3
RRSPR08A1SPR08SIA1RephiDuo S Pack Replace SMARTPAK DQ8
265020601SYN185UV1UV lamp 185nm Replace Millipore SYN185UV1
RAFFC0250MPGP020010.2µm PES High Flux Capsule Filter Replace Millipore Millipak
RASP00000ZF3000000RO Booster Pump Replace Millipore ZF3000000
RASP00001ZF3000001Recirculation Pump Replace Millipore ZF3000001


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Millipore Trademarks: Milli-RX, Pyrogard, RiOs, RiOs-DI, BioPAK

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