Thermometers & Food Safety. The only way to know food has been cooked to a safe internal temperature is to use a food thermometer.

Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer

The Waterproof Lollipop, Min/Max Digital Thermometer (Model 11050) is ideal for commercial dishwashers. With the thermometer’s auto-calibration and min/max features, users can quickly verify and quantify the final rinse temperature in commercial ware-washers and dishwashers.

Jumbo Display Auto-Cal Needle Probe Thermometer

This unique, next-generation, Needle Probe Thermometer is engineered to set the industry standard for accuracy, durability and readability. It is designed and constructed under exacting standards to meet and exceed specifications required for commercial and professional uses.

  • New “Auto-calibration” feature
  • Needle probe thermometer provides fastest response time
  • Small diameter needle probe ideal for measuring temperature of ‘thin mass’ food such as meat patties, chicken, and fish fillets per FDA Code 4-302.12(B)
  • Sealed unibody construction and RoHS compliant
  • IP56 waterproof & grease resistant
Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit

The Dishwasher Kit (Model 12214) ensures that the minimum sanitizing temperature has been reached during the final rinse cycle in high temperature dishwashers. It also helps to control use of energy for hot water generation, which can provide significant cost savings over T-Sticks and thermal labels.

  • °C/°F selectable
  • Min/Max reading memory
  • Can be auto calibrated
  • IP65 waterproof housing
  • Waterproof plastic protective heat shield with velcro strap
Food Safety Station

The Food Safety Station comes with FlashCheck Auto-Calibration Waterproof Digital Probe Thermometer for checking temperature of food at time of delivery, and verifying when food has reached the correct internal temperature during cooking. The Dishwasher Thermometer Kit and TempDot High Temp Dishwasher Thermal Labels verify proper sanitation temperature is reached in high temperature dishwashers.

  • Centralized storage for food safety tools, log book, SOP manual
  • Minimize lost or misplaced items
  • Three compartments hold dishwasher kit, infrared thermometers
  • Large compartment holds alcohol wipes, chlorine and quat test strips


Part #DescriptionTemperature RangeBrand
11049Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer-50 to 200DeltaTrack
11050Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer-40 to 155DeltaTrack
11063Jumbo Display Auto-Cal Needle Probe Thermometer-40 to 155DeltaTrack
12214Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit-40 to 155DeltaTrack
50003Food Safety StationDeltaTrack



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