Chest Freezers to – 45/-60°C

Chest Freezers to - 45/-60°C

Arctiko Chest Freezers are provided in sizes from 71 litres to 476 litres.
Accurate temperature control with digital display and alarm capability.

Arctiko Chest Freezers are manufactured in Denmark and utilise single compressor technology.

These units incorporate a standard LED controller that displays actual temperature and alarm codes.

With adjustable high/Low alarms, Remote alarm contacts, Probe failure alarm, the controller maintains accurate set temperature.


Part #Capacity
External Dims
Temp RangeVoltage
DAI 1600133720x695x885-10 to -45240
DAI 16052841262x698x885-10 to -45240
DAI 16103681562x698x885-10 to -45240
DAI 16154761662x758x890-10 to -45240
DAI 010171552x648x850-30 to -60240
DAI 0126133720x695x885-30 to -60240
DAI 01112841262x695x885-30 to -60240
DAI 01163681562x698x885-30 to -60240
DAI 01214761662x758x890-30 to -60240


  • Quick Cooling: ideal option when processing larger volumes of liquids or to maximise throughput
  • Vacuum system for validatable sterilization of solids and waste materials in disposal bags
  • Superdry: for drying solids (only in combination with optional vacuum system)
  • Exhaust filtration (including condensate inactivation) for safe sterilization of hazardous biological substances


Part #Product DatasheetDrawing
DAI 1600
DAI 1605
DAI 1610
DAI 1615
DAI 0101
DAI 0126
DAI 0111
DAI 0116
DAI 0121

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