Plant Tissue Culture Chambers

Plant Tissue Culture Chambers

Our plant tissue culture chambers are available in a large variety of sizes and configurations. We’ve specifically designed them to minimize condensation on the petri dishes of plant tissue cultures.

These Chambers are specifically designed for Plant tissue culture on plates/dishes or in flasks.
There are many options for these chambers including additional humidity and ethernet connection. Customizable options including different size chambers are also available if these don’t suit your parameters.
Please contact us for your specific requirements by calling us or clicking on the contact us link.


Shelving White epoxy coated steel wire
shelving. Each shelf is 27” D x 28 3/4” W (69.2 cm x 73.0
cm). Shelves slide in and out easily on stainless steel rail
assemblies (at lower elevation only). When shelves are not
mounted on rail assemblies they are vertically adjustable in
1/2” increments.The maximum growing height is 20 3/4”
(52.7 cm) per tier.
Finish Interior and exterior painted with highly reflective,
environmentally friendly, high temperature baked white powder
Refrigeration Self-contained air-cooled condensing
unit with hot gas bypass system for continuous compressor
operation, extended life and close temperature control. This
continous running condensing unit ensures precise temperature
control by alternately cycling refrigerant and hot gas to
the coil; this also prolongs the life of the compressor, and
eliminates the risk of ice build up in the coil. Solenoid
valves have an extended stem for quiet and long life operation.
Evaporator coil is ceiling mounted and incorporates
twin air circulation fans in an aluminum housing. Heat rejection
to ambient (standard chamber) =4500 BTU/hr.
Temperature Safety Limit Controls
(Experiment Protection) Adjustable high and low temperature
controls, audible alarms and visual indicators are provided.
The controls shutdown all the power to the chamber,
and activates alarms. When the temperature returns to the
normal range the system will automatically reset.
Humidity Control (optional) Additive humidity control
of higher than ambient to 65% (± 10%) lights on for set
temperatures between 20° to 30° C. Humidity control of
higher than ambient to 90% (± 10%) lights off for temperatures
between 15° to 30° C. Extended humidity ranges available.
See other catalog sheets or consult factory for additional
Options (most popular) Advanced Intellus Control
System (C9), Communications Software (C9+), Advanced
Intellus with Touchscreen and Internet capabilities (C10),
Ultrasonic Humidifier with advanced RH Sensor (H11),
Dehumidification via independent dehumidifying coil with
reheat heaters and Ultrasonic Humidifier (H12), Ultrasonic
Humidifier with Electronic RH sensor (H14), CO2 enrichment
package, door with observation window and cover
(Q2), door with fresh air ports (Q1), self-contained watercooled
condensing unit, dry alarm contacts (S2), dimmable
lighting (closed loop with PAR light sensor)(Q22), dimmable
lighting (open loop control)(Q23), extended temperature
ranges available. See other catalog sheets or consult factory
for additional accessories.


Part NumberTemp. Range
Int. Volume
Work Area
Max. Grow Height
Ext. Dims (mm)
Light Intensity
# of Tiers
CU-30L210-44±0.53000.6181787x603x1172Up to 2352
CU-36L510-44±0.58002.5135851x854x1961155 @ Shelf5
CU-36L610-44±0.5800390851x854x1961155 @ Shelf6
CU-41L510-44±0.511003.21321041x854x1961220 @ Shelf5


Part #Product Datasheet

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