Algae Chambers

Algae Chambers

This product line is specifically designed for the growth of algae in flasks and comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.

These chambers are specifically designed for algae with higher light intensity requirements. Also, frequently used for short plants with moderate light intensity requirements.

There are many options for these chambers including additional humidity and ethernet connection. Customizable options including different size chambers are also available if these don’t suit your parameters.

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Part NumberTemp. Range
Int. Volume
Work Area
Max. Grow Height
Ext. Dims (mm)
Light Intensity
# of Tiers
AL-30L210-44±0.53000.6228787x603x1172Up to 3602


temperature safety limit controls
• (Experiment Protection) Adjustable high and low
temperature controls, audible alarms, and visual
indicators provided
• Controls shut down all power to the chamber,
activating alarms (when the temperature returns to
the normal range the system will automatically reset)
options (most popular)
• IntellusUltra Connect (C9)
• IntellusUltra Connect and Android-based
Touchscreen (C9T)
• IntellusUltra (standard) and Android-based
Touchscreen (C8T)
• CO2 enrichment package
• Door with observation window and cover (Q2)
• Door with fresh air ports (Q1)
• Self-contained water-cooled condensing unit
• Dry alarm contacts
• Dimmable lighting (closed loop
with PAR light sensor) (Q22)
• Dimmable lighting (open loop control) (Q23)


Part #Product Datasheet

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