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Water Baths

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Refrigerated Water Bath, 20 Litres, -30⁰C to +200⁰C

Model #PP20R-30-A12A

Refrigerated Water Bath with Heating

  • 915 Watts Cooling Capacity

  • -30 ⁰C (Below Ambient)

  • ±0.005⁰C Temperature Stability

  • Performance Programmable Temperature Controller

    • ​200⁰C Max Temp
    • Variable-speed Pump
    • 4.3psi Max Pump Pressure
    • Closed & Open Loop Capable
    • Fluid Optimization/Heat Tuning
    • 10-Point Temp Calibration
    • Whisper Cool® Environmental Control System
    • Inert Gas Reservoir Purge
    • 4.3" Smart Touch Color LCD Screen
    • 11 Languages
    • External Temperature Control Capable (PT100 Probe)
    • RS232/RS485 Serial Output
    • Remote On/Off Capability
    • USB-A & USB-B
    • Ethernet Capable
    • Over Temp Protection
    • Low Liquid Protection
    • User Programable Alarms

Refrigerated Water Bath - PolyScience

Bioline Global is pleased to offer the world class Refrigerated water bath range from polyscience.

Until you have used a refrigerated water bath from Bioline Global you won't know what it is to experience the Temperature Control, Reliability, and Advanced Features available only from one of the world's leading brands in Temperature Control Fluid solutions...PolyScience.

Refrigerated water baths from PolyScience (represented by Bioline Global) have been meeting the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial, plastics, and culinary markets with unparalleled innovation, passion, and user-focus.

If you are looking for a refrigerated water bath that performs consistently, reliably, and precisely, then look no further. Bioline Global is pleased to offer the full range of refrigerated water baths from PolyScience. These refrigerated water baths are available in many configurations to suit any application.

Call now to ask one of our staff about your new refrigerated water bath! 1800 210 805

Sometimes known as Refrigerated Circulators

Refrigerated circulators and refrigerated water baths are essentially the same thing. A refrigerated water bath is a refrigerated circulator that has a water reservoir that is accessible to the user.

If you have any questions about polyscience refrigerated water baths dont hesitate to ask. One of our friendly consultants will be available to help you.

Additional Information

Performance Programmable
20 Litre (-30° C)
Stainless Steel
-30° C to +200°C
240V AC (Single Phase)
25 x 31.6 x 14