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LED and Medical Marijuana; Shedding Light on the Latest Technology LED

In the world of horticulture and farming, being able to produce consistently high-quality crops has always been a challenge. This is especially challenging when you have to combat unpredictable weather, disease and pest problems.

The solution? To bring farming and horticulture indoors. Large warehouses were constructed to create controlled environments, which enabled farmers to remove elements that were detrimental to the cultivation of their crops.

One of the key elements to help with crop growth is light. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights were developed. At that time their high electrical efficiency, long life span and relatively broad spectrum provided growers with the best option in lighting.

This subsequently led to the development of LED lighting, where the early 1960’s saw the first LED emit visible light. Over the last 50-plus years, LED technology has advanced greatly, to the point where LEDs have surpassed HPS lighting as the preferred choice in horticulture lighting.

One emerging industry that is harnessing the benefits of improved LED technology is medical marijuana, and one such brand putting control in the hands of the growers is LumiGrow. Founded in 2007, their purpose is to build smarter horticultural lighting solutions.

Once the exclusive domain of cutting-edge research, LED technology is now invigorating the greenhouse market. Where HPS lamps once achieved high crop yields, LEDs are now mirroring those same results, while accomplishing additional benefits to a growers’ operation.

Such benefits include:

  • Up to 70% less energy consumption compared to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting.
  • Adjust the intensity and spectrum of your LEDs through the smartPAR Wireless Control from any device.
  • LumiGrow LEDs are designed with more red and blue PAR per watt to drive healthy plant response.
  • With a reduced electrical load on your greenhouse infrastructure, you do not need excess capital to invest.
  • LEDs last longer and therefore require far less maintenance than standard HID lighting.
  • Because LEDs are made without mercury, there is no risk of leaking the dangerous chemical when disposing of it.

Having this level of control means you can use light spectra to direct plant growth, boost the yield and quality of a crop, and control the plant’s morphology. From using this system many crops have shown to have a longer shelf-life, not to mention being able to influence taste and flavor profiles of vegetable, herb and cannabis crops. Also, with the LumiGrow smartPAR system, you are able to fight specific plant diseases sustainably.

Bioline Global currently stocks the LumiGrow Pro Series 650 and 325, of which both come with a 5 year warranty. If you are looking to gain greater control over your crops and research, then feel free to contact Bioline on 1800 210 805, or fill out our online enquiry form here.

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