Is a Fridge Just a Fridge?

Having the most suitable refrigeration for your laboratory’s temperature-sensitive bioproducts, means understanding key differences between types of refrigerators that are available.

Just keeping items inside a fridge, cold or frozen, is no longer sufficient. Storing medicines and other expensive biological products means the highest standards of refrigeration are demanded. In Australia, government regulatory bodies for the agricultural research, pharmaceuticals and food safety industries have temperature requirements for safe storage of different bioproducts.

Most research laboratories use specifically designed laboratory refrigeration units that meet the requirements for biomaterial storage, and are unmatched by residential and commercial refrigeration systems. Laboratory refrigerators are purposefully designed and manufactured for the storage of medical products, and temperature or heat sensitive biological specimens.

Bioline Global has a selection of laboratory refrigerators, with years of research and development behind them, for use in scientific and medical facilities around the world. By purchasing a specially designed refrigeration unit for your laboratory, you can ensure you’re storing your temperature sensitive biomaterials in the most optimal environment.

What to consider when purchasing a laboratory refrigerator

If you’re in the market for a laboratory refrigerator for your research facility, it can help to understand what sets apart a high-quality laboratory refrigeration unit.

Energy Efficiency is an important aspect of refrigeration. Rising costs in energy means refrigerators that have an energy efficient system can reduce your yearly expenses. Although laboratory refrigerators are a necessary investment, their use of energy will determine if it was a good investment or not. Bioline Global’s range of fridges are built with high-density ecological foam and low emissivity glass doors, ensuring their energy use is minimal.

Noise reduction in fridges reduces disruptions in workflow for researchers working nearby. A properly sealed cabinet can help reduce noise from escaping the cabinet. Bioline Global’s range of fridges have doors that use folding magnetic gaskets on all four sides that offer perfect sealing. The range also includes double insulated glass doors.

Quality of cold air inside the cabinets is maintained from reduced-humidity refrigerators, which minimise moisture in the ambient air. Losses in biological products from fridge failure can be expensive and often irreplaceable. Bioline Global’s range of refrigerators have been designed for consistent, cold airflow so biological products are less likely to spoil or get damaged.

Alarms are a vital feature for fridges that store expensive pharmaceutical and biological products. Alarms can detect significant temperature variations inside the cabinet, such as from doors left open, to alert researchers who are elsewhere in the facility. Remote alarms can be also used for alerting temperature changes via email, text, phone or pagers.

Temperature control is the only way to ensure valuable and expensive research samples and specimens are not lost. High quality laboratory refrigerators can maintain a consistent temperature within only one degree, or less, throughout the cabinet.

Defrosting performed automatically by a laboratory freezer is one of the most popular features for researchers. Bioline Global’s fridges and freezers utilise an automatic Smart defrost function to remove frost from the evaporator coil, whilst minimizing any temperature spikes that could compromise the samples stored within. This keeps samples inside the refrigerator from drying out, an essential part of protecting your investment.

Capacity will depend on the quantity of biomaterial that your laboratory requires to be refrigerated. Most laboratory refrigerators are typically fairly large. However, you will need to make sure the you can make the most of internal space with adjustable shelving, compartments or containers. Bioline Global offers a range of sizes up to 1440L in capacity for facilities with a variety of internal cabinet configurations.

Bioline Global can help you select a refrigerator for your facility

Having provided laboratory and medical refrigerators and freezers for more than 30 years, Bioline Global can offer you the right unit for your facility’s needs. Our range of refrigerators are not only energy efficient, but most importantly, can maintain a consistent temperature regardless of environmental factors.

Refrigerators are manufactured both locally in Australia and imported from overseas, such as the ATEX approved GRAM units from Denmark. Our range of refrigeration units include features such as:

  • Explosion proof refrigerators, designed for storing flammable materials to isolate any sources of internal sparks to prevent fires
  • Biocompact fridges that can fit in small spaces underneath benches or are stackable to save valuable floor space in your facility
  • Large capacity units that can store up to 1440L for facilities that handle high volumes of temperature sensitive biomaterials
  • Blood fridges specifically designed with stainless steel pull-out drawers with see-through frontal side to conveniently store blood bags
  • Low voltage refrigeration units for efficient energy consumption
  • A completely sealed unit with ventilated air condenser that is suitable for tropical climates
  • Standard two-year warranty on laboratory refrigerators

To find out more about our range or to speak to one of Bioline Global’s friendly and experience technicians, please contact us at 1800 210 805 or via our online contact form.

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