Autoclaves: Different Types and their Benefits

Invented by French microbiologist Charles Chamberland in 1879, the autoclave has become one of the most important pieces of equipment for the surgical, medical and scientific industries.

Autoclaves have a broad range of laboratory applications which include the sterilisation of liquids (such as nutrient and culture media), solids (instruments, pipettes, and glassware), waste (destructive sterilisation of liquid waste in bottles, or solid waste in destruction bags) and biological hazards in safety laboratories.

Although all autoclaves have the same fundamental function (to sterilise), there are different types of autoclaves for different functions. The types of autoclaves available through Bioline are:

Horizontal Autoclave

If your laboratory processes light loads, frequently, the front-loading Horizontal Autoclave is perfect for reducing strain and repetitive injury to technicians that handle many loads a day.

Media Preparators

This device enables you to prepare and sterilise microbiological media. Media Preparators are available in a range of sizes from 10L up to 120L, and process cycles fast and accurately combined with quick cooling options.

Pass-Through Autoclaves

When safety and contamination are a concern, a Pass-Through Autoclave is a must. Mostly found in biological laboratories and production facilities, the Pass-Through Autoclave acts as a sterilisation chamber enabling the transfer of materials and products from the laboratory to the outside environment, safely. The ‘machine side’ (sterilisation chamber) is located on the laboratory side (sterile environment) of the wall, where various items can be loaded for the sterilisation process, and retrieved on the other side (non-sterile), clean and free of contaminants.

Vertical Autoclaves

Specifically developed for laboratory sterilisation applications, Vertical Autoclaves, make the process easier, safer, more precise, reproducible and easier to validate. The compact and space-saving design of the Vertical Autoclave makes them great for cramped laboratories, where space is at a premium, and the increased chamber height (up to 50% more capacity) means they can handle most standard media bottles, and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Depending on the needs of your work, or the laboratory, Bioline has an autoclave solution to suit your need.

Feel free to contact us by phone, or via email, with your enquiry and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs and help find the equipment that would best suit your application.

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