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About Us

Bioline Global founder Tony Paulsen has over 30 years’ experience in the medical devices and equipment industry and knowledge of what laboratories require as well as the high expectation of quality that must be met.

The considerable knowledge and experience of the whole Bioline team means the products we deliver are only the best from global sources while also manufacturing a range of local products that meet our exacting high standards.

Key to delivering the best standards is our dedication to working with customers to develop a total solution for their specific needs. This advisory service comes from our extensive knowledge and our desire to ensure the solution is a custom fit for each and every customer.

The vision of the entire Bioline team is to continue serving our customers better to ensure that all their experiences will always be optimal.

Speak to us today to design a custom made solution for your needs.



Bioline are privileged to have strong business alliances with reputable suppliers and innovative companies and groups in Australia and around the globe.

We believe in building, cultivating and promoting business relationships with providers of products and services that represent outstanding quality, value, and progress in the marketplace.

We promise to continue in our commitment to our customers by bringing you products and services from the very best.

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