A Guide To Gram Vaccine Fridges

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new age of illness awareness, where each symptom is monitored and each cough and sniffle met with a communal recoil.

So, as society does its best to return to normal programming, it’s now more important than ever to ensure vaccine technology and the auxiliary equipment required to deliver it is all up to scratch.

This includes the vaccine fridge, as the demand for regular shots is realised by herds of people who’ve hardly had to defend themselves against common viruses since early 2020.

But what is the importance of a vaccine fridge? Why do vaccines need to keep cool? And what sets Gram fridges apart from the rest?

All of these questions will be answered below, but if you have any more lingering queries, get in contact with Bioline Global today!

The Function of Vaccine Fridges

Most vaccines must be stored at between 2-8°C, from development, through transport and into storage before administration.

If the vaccine falls outside of these temperatures, it will lose potency or even become completely ineffective. This, in turn, will risk the health and safety of the patient, who will believe themselves protected from the given virus.

This sensitivity to temperature change means vaccine fridges should be highly reliable and be fitted with an alarm system in case internal temperatures fall outside the desired range.

How Does Gram Satisfy These Needs?

The Gram Bioline range of vaccine fridges features high performance and demanding specifications. These include high reliability, stringent controls, optimised air flow, easy customisation, and rapid support from trained staff.

There are five separate product series in the Gram Bioline range – BioUltra, BioPlus, BioMidi, BioCompact, and BioCompact II. Only BioCompact is not applicable to store medicine and vaccines, while the remaining four comply with storage standards for both vaccines and general purpose laboratory samples.

Each model – with capacities ranging from 125 to 1400 litres – includes technical innovations like no cold walls, and optimised airflow.

More information on these innovations is available here.

On top of these design features, each model can also be equipped with a range of gram Bioline optional extras.

These include:

  • Aluminium, steel, or ABS plastic drawers.
  • Wire shelves.
  • Glass doors.
  • Draught shields.
  • Wall mounting.
  • Legs and wheels.
  • A Dual refrigeration circuit.
  • A pedal door opener.

For a full list of these extras, click here.

The Best Laboratory Supplies in Australia

Bioline Global aims to supply quality laboratory equipment that works consistently in the high demand settings of your business. If you’re able to achieve your desired results with speed, efficiency and accuracy then we can safely say our job is done.

We recognise Gram as one of the best vaccine fridge manufacturers and we know you will too.

Get in contact with us to learn how to optimise your lab equipment and get the best from each knob and dial. You’ll find all essential laboratory equipment, including a diverse range of sizes, in one place – our convenient online store.

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